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Ikea is one of those stores that I dream of and wish for, on a daily basis. After being exposed to the wonderful world of Ikea when living in London – I fell for everything furniture, decor, DIY and organisation. But alas, we have no store in South Africa so I will continue to dream…
These are a few of my favourite finds in their latest collection.
See the online catalogue here.

Nothing finishes a home off better than plants and greenery. It really brings a room and a home to life. These little “greenhouses” are adorable and ultra modern in the perspex. How beautiful are the hanging leaves in the sunshine light?

I have been dreaming of a fruit, vegetable and herb garden for a while now. Our little SJ is also so excited about growing her own produce and herbs – these boxes and crates are a great way to get this little garden going…

Sexy recycling bins? Did you ever think there would be such a thing? I would love to recycle as much as we could but in South Africa, this means the biggest and ugliest colourful bins outside! We are trying our best with two separate bins inside our kitchen/scullery but these are gorgeous and so practical too.

We love our outside living, especially in our warm climate – and these small touches making outside living very cosy. I love the day beds, woven life table, the warm glow of the candles and the greenery.
Bright colours!! There is nothing better!
The OCD is me has fallen for the colour coded library book shelves and what a great way to add colour to a cupboard than with a bright wallpaper. Loving this retro look.

And just as I love bright colours, I love a clean and neutral look too. There is no better way to compliment a clean and crisp white space than with wood or cork. The organisation in this kids room is fun and messy but organise too. And that cork board is a great accessory in a home office.

I’ve always agreed that having a kids bathroom is a good idea – there own fun space to leave messy and colourful with towels, dirty laundry and lots of bath toys! How cute is this bathroom with bright colours, shapes and textures and lots of storage too!
I always regret not going away for university and enjoying a dorm life. Imagine decorating a small space to fit in your whole life? I love these dorm room ideas (although a little fancy for a dorm room!) The book case is a great way to screen off a room from a study or lounge area and great functional storage under the bed too. That bed looks incredibly comfy too…

Bathroom drawer storage – do I need to say anymore?
Too die for.

I have never been a fan of a dark nursery – I am all about light colours and pastels but this dark charcoal wall is actually a great look. I love the wall stickers, the open storage and the hanging clothes as a feature.
Another gorgeous tween bedroom set up – everything from crisp white with a dash of colour, gorgeous and practical storage and the cutest desk set ups – wouldn’t being sent to my room in here!
Where were these glass front drawers when I built my home?

Another dreamy bathroom – with neutral finishes, a touch of greenery inside, and perfect drawer organisation.

Do you have an Ikea near you?
What is your favourite from this catalogue?


  1. Hi! There is a company called Nevada Furniture http://www.nevadafurniture.co.za/ who imports Ikea stuff to SA. Its pricey obviously with the exchange rate. You just email them the item details from the IKEA website they quote you and tell you when they bringing in a new shipment. They even have a couple of items on their website. Go have a look : )

  2. We have an IKEA not far from our house, and on days when I have nothing to do, I have to do everything in my power to not end up there. Lucky for me, it's one of the busiest IKEAs in the city, so that is what keeps me away.

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