Dear… The Way You See Me

10 September 2015|

With the chaos of last month, I didn’t get to post my August letter and link up with Amber at Mr Thomas And Me. Rather late than never…
August Letter Prompt: The Way You See Me
Dear MC,
How you see me and how others see me are
very different. But how you see me and how I see myself is polar opposites. You
now only always see the best in me ,but you bring out the best in me. I am a
better person being with you.
I often ask you this question – how do you
see me? In fact, I asked you again for this post and without hesitation, you
listed so many good and amazing qualities about me – emotional, intellectual
and physical. In your eyes, I am pretty much perfect – you even think my faults
are perfect and make me who I am.
You see me as a devoted and supportive wife
but I am only this type of wife because you are a dream to be married to. You
are loyal and trustworthy, hardworking and ambitious, generous and giving,
loving and caring, and even more supportive and understanding. You have put me first since the day we said “I do” – trying your best to be romantic and to love me in my love languages. You stay calm when I panic or get emotional, and you are my voice of reason when life gets chaotic. you are also firm in standing your ground, which doesn’t allow me to get away with being stubborn and irrational but you do it in a very kind and caring way. This all makes being
your wife (and possibly a good wife) so easy.
You see me as a loving, fun, patient and
mother but I am only this type of mother as I have you as my co-pilot parent.I
don’t think you realize what an incredible Daddy you are to our girls. Even
after long days, late nights and endless traveling, you come home and put your
Daddy cap on every waking (and sleeping) second. From birth, I have been
blessed with a man who changes dirty nappies, gets up to help with night feeds,
sleeps in uncomfortable hospital chairs, cleans up vomit and kids mess, plays
silly games, wipes away tears and drops everything to be at functions and
activities that matter. Our girls are the luckiest to have you as their first love.
I know the feeling because you were mine too.
You see me as hard working and ambitious
but I am only this student/employee as I have you as my number one cheerleader.
Through different jobs and degrees, you have stood by me, motivated me, singing
my praises and believing in me every step of the way. You sat helping me
through my final degree exams, helping me transfer when I moved to London,
encouraging me through late nights of studying – making sure I was always fed
and had a warm cup of tea. You ever doubted me finding a job in a new country
and with no experiences, instead you were my house-husband as I hit the working
world in London! You encouraged me to leave you behind and pursue a job and
passion Events – you endured my blood, sweat and tears through intense
projects, late nights, working weekends and never once collecting you from the
airport – even ruining your proposal plans because I had to work. You worked
hard and set our life up which has allowed me to stop working to further my
studies, twice. You supported both post-graduate certificates financially,
through a tough pregnancy and weeks of severe morning sickness. You helped me
buy text books, study late at night, sacrifice evenings and weekends with my family – and you always carried the extra load for me. And you never stopped believing in me, and were so proud with all that I achieved.

You see me as a dedicated and loyal friend but I am only this friend because I learnt from the best – you, my very own best friend. You taught me how to be there for people and give them the benefit of the doubt, through thick and thin. You taught me how to understand step back and listen, to be a pillar of strength from others and support them through tough times and celebrate with them through good times. You taught me to forgive when I have been hurt and to try and understand when I haven’t be treated very well in return. You have taught me to always see the best in someone. You have taught me to stay honest and loyal and to not engage with the gossip and discussions that take place.

You see me as I wish I would see myself. Thank you.

I love you MCR
Your Bride


  1. I have no doubt that when tough times arise, you will look back at this post and be reminded of what an amazing marriage you have. He loves you so much because you are absolutely amazing my beautiful friend.

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  3. I love your family and your all's relationship. It's one of those relationships (and there are very few these days) that I can without hesitation say "that's what I want! that's what I'm looking for." This was beyond amazing! XO

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