Five on Friday

17 July 2015|

It’s been a while since I did a Friday post but after getting lost on Pinterest for a few hours… Linking up with Christina for Five on Friday and Karli for Oh Hey Friday!
Friday Favourites
1. Free Fonts. The designer in me has become obsessed with all things pretty and twirly and colourful. I am amazed at how many incredible and creative fonts there are available.
2. Home Drive In. This is my ultimate dream in our garden. We have one wall and one big wooden screen that would be ideal for a white board/sheet and a projector screen. Hopefully one day soon…

3. Neon Outfits. If only Pinterest had an option to purchase directly off the image. Love these bright neon colours!
4. Playroom Decor. Being a teacher, I am OCD when it comes to organisation and I adore colour. I love putting activities together and playing fantasy and fun with toys. The playroom in our house is one of my favourite rooms and I don’t think it will ever be finished. Love this decor inspiration.
5. This Car. Is my dream car.
Have a happy weekend


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