Dear… Your Greatest Strength

20 July 2015|

One thing we learn very quickly in life is that nobody is perfect. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. We need to learn how to work on our weaknesses and grow our strengths.
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July Letter Prompt: Your Greatest Strength

Dear MC,
One of the first traits that attracted you to me when we first met was the positive way people spoke about you. Everyone had such wonderful and amazing things to say about you. And still to this day, i have yet to meet someone who has a bad word to say about you. This is phenomenal!
When thinking of your greatest strength – it is so hard to pin point just one. You are full of them. You seem to excel and thrive at everything that you do – in a family, as a friend, in the work place and on the sports field. Yes, I may be a little biased but so many people compliment you and have great things to say about you which is true testament to the man you are.
If I really had to choose, I would say your greatest strengths are:
I have never met a more modest or humble man. You have been blessed with a great personality, gorgeous good looks and a good, solid upbringing yet you don’t see these good things in yourself. You stay true to who you are no matter how many perks or gifts you are given, you look in the mirror and don’t see the handsome looks, there is no arrogance in you and you never think you are better than anyone else.
You are always there for someone – me, the girls, your family, your friends, your colleagues or your team mates. You go above and beyond to be there for them and to have their backs. You will never engage or allow someone else to speak badly about anyone too – including me. You do not stand for betrayal or gossip or general nastiness. You have a heart of gold and always find and see the best in everyone. And if you do not like someone, there is a very serious reason (and even then, you know the bad quality lies within them and you make an excuse for them).

You achieve all you set out to do. Unfortunately in life, you have often been dealt a bad blow with others determining your fate. But you always rise above it and succeed even more. You set incredible goals and achieve them by working hard, making sacrifices and giving it your all. You played and excelled at all sports, you are in business in a field that you have taught yourself and you are doing so well, you are the most outstanding husband and father (with having very little experience or history in having girlfriends or being around babies/children). I have never met someone with your drive, will and determination to succeed, motivation and discipline to get things done well.

It is no secret that I am your Number 1 fan but I want you to know that your personality traits continue to amaze me, each and every day. I am in awe of the man that you are and I strive to be half the person you are in our daily lives. May these strengths continue to grow and develop and may you be successful in all that you do. I am so lucky that I get to stand by your side, and be your cheerleader as your conquer these phases and years of life.

I love you MCR
Love Your Bride


  1. Oh my soul I LOVE that modesty is one of your words. I love it. I think that it's a word that's laden in some difficult and troublesome church time and it's been tarnished severely by that history. But the things is this: a modest and humble heart is the most gorgeous of all the things a person can possess. It's something I see in the people around me and I love them for. And I work at myself. 🙂

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