Blogger Chit Chat: Week Three

18 March 2015|

Wednesday is hump day and link up day with Claudz and Chantelle – welcome to the the chit chat!
Week Three
1. Choose your ideal holiday:
A. Adventure in Brazil
B. Romance in Italy
C. Sightseeing in Switzerland

Chantelle: Sightseeing in Switzerland – I can just imagine hiring a little car and driving through the Swiss Alps exploring all the wonderful sights – on our way to a little hotel on the hill (followed by a trop to Italy for romance and some adventure in Brazil – haha!)
Claudz: Italy is so big on my travel lis to see the history, art and food. But I would love to explore brazil too. It’s a tough call! The only reason I’m not keen on Switzerland is because I’ve been there and we had a lovely holiday seeing the sights.
Caley: Romance in Italy – when I go on holiday, I like to relax and enjoy the time away. Romancing in Italy makes me think of lazy mornings, delicious meals, slow walks through the city, picnics, afternoon siestas and candlelit dinners. And all with my favourite travel partner – my husband.
2. What makes you really laugh?

Chantelle: An apple, pear, feta cheese, about 5 rosa tomatoes, margarine, a lamb chop wrapped in foil, an egg and a jug of water as well as a box of Cranberry flavoured vodka.

Claudz: My husband makes me really laugh every single day, sitcoms and often, just random people doing weird things all around me!

Caley: My husbands sense of humour, funny Youtube videos of kids and SJ’s quirky toddler comments.

3. Name your top 3 career choices, and why.

Chantelle: Wedding photographer – I have shot a wedding once as a favour for a friends sister and absolutely loved everything about it. Using the couple’s natural emotion and capturing it’s essence is what I enjoy, as well as finding interesting features of the location and using them is part of the challenge. 

Puppy and kitten babysitter – I don’t think this job exists but I would love to open an animal pre-school where fur-parents can drop their babies off while they are too young to be left alone. I will play with them, give them exercise and love, so that when they go home and they are too tired to rip up curtains or furniture.

Professional blogger – I have a dream of waking up every morning, making myself a cup of coffee and sitting down in front of my laptop to type up my blog post and sharing my latest news and photos with the Big Wide Web.

Claudz: Food Stylist/Photographer – I would love to take photos of food. To style a shoot and create a visual story of the food. 

Travel writer/Food explorer – I would love to travel to new and exciting places and write interesting articles about the destination. Differest “Top 10” lists and secret food haunts in the city. 

Coffee shop/Deli owner – I always imagined living in a small town and owning a coffee shop/deli (with a friend or two around the corner who owns that a business that compliments the deli) Friends would stop in on their way to collect kids, bachelors will pick up their evening meal and we’ll close for long weekends when everyone is out of town anyway. Put your feet on the couch, order a half/half cake (half chocolate and half carrot) and tell me your dreams.

Caley: Stay-at-home-mom – this may not be seen as a career choice but it is a difficult job that I absolutely love, it allows quality time with my children and flexible time while they are at school. 

Pre-school owner/headmistress – I have a dream of opening and running my own playgroup one day and it excites me to be able to manage this unique business and shaping little lives. 

Party Planner – it is no secret that I love to plan and host parties – I love being creative and making little functions come to life for others to enjoy.

Thanks special girls for allowing me to be a part of your chit chat. Anyone else want to join them?

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