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20 January 2015|


I have to be honest, the food at a function or event is always an important thing for me. Bad food is memorable and not a good memory – it is something I will never forget (like the wedding our food arrived at 11pm or the wedding that our food was a small starter for the whole 12 hours, or the party where the hot meal was ice cold or the function where we got the vegetarian option because there wasn’t enough food!) I’ll never forget… This has always made me aware of the food when I am hosting a function.

The dedication was held over lunch time so we served a light lunch in the form of mini meals: salmon fish cakes and Asian salad, beef fillet with crushed potatoes, a vegetable lasagne and a green thai chicken curry with rice in mini bamboo boats or Chinese boxes. The food was outsourced and so delicious.

A firm favourite is a dessert and sweetie table – they go down a tasty treat as well as add to the colours and decor. My favourite cakes, biscuits and macaroons were on show as well as the yummiest yellow and white candy we could find.


Friends and family post coming soon.


  1. Hey cayley
    Wow stunning
    Im planning a function for a friends bday and the colours are yellow, white and gray. Im looking at the lovely sweets. Where did you get yellow jelly beans, jelly chappies and yellow hard candies from?

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