November Goals: TICK

02 December 2014|

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Not a bad month of sticking to and achieving goals…
November Goals
  • Say I love you to MC every day. Verbal and virtual I love you’s
  • Kiss the girls every morning and every night. Always!
  • Lose 2kg. Hmmm, I lost 1kg but may have put it back on 🙁
  • Start running again. I’ve started Couch to 10k
  • Exercise 3-4 times a week. Definitely 3 times and sometimes 4!
  • Save R1000. Saved!
  • Read a book. I’ve started it but not finished…
  • Watch a movie on the big screen. Fail 🙁
  • Go on a date night. We went on a quadruple date with friends.
  • Cook one new recipe. I’ve stuck to our boring basics this month!
  • Bake one new recipe. I have the new recipe, I just haven’t baked it yet!
  • Attend SJ’s big school orientation. Done and all sorted for 2015
  • Attend SJ’s playgroup Christmas ring. So proud of our little girl enjoying her friends and teacher.
  • Attend a wedding. EN wasn’t well so MC went and I stayed home.
  • Enjoy a weekend getaway in Cape Town. That was also missed due to EN being unwell.
  • Celebrate EN’s Baby Dedication. A very special day, post to follow.
  • Host the Baby Dedication. Hosted and all went off well.
  • Enjoy our Christmas family shoot. Can’t wait to see the pics!
  • Prepare Christmas cards to send. On their way from the printers.
The non ticked items are mainly due to a busy schedule and not enough me-time. It will come…


  1. Look at you kicking ass! Losing those kg's and running all while being a great wife and mom! You go girl!!
    I loved the pics of EN's dedication – can't wait to see more

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