Christmas Wish List: For Kids

08 December 2014|

Christmas time is an exciting holiday and time of the year but is even more exciting when there are children around – the big smiles, shrieks of excitement, fits of giggles and pure joy on their faces with all the celebrations and spoils is something I love to see.
SJ is at such a fun age (at 2 and a half) and this Christmas will probably be her best yet as she now understands who Santa is, who Jesus is and all the fun that comes with Christmas traditions – she has been talking about decorating the tree and seeing Jingle Bells for weeks!
She is also at an age where she knows EXACTLY what she wants and she is very excited to write her letter to Santa and ask for her gifts this year. This is her wish list:
Christmas Wish List: For Kids
Christmas Gifts for Kids
1. Sofia the First doll. SJ is obsessed with Princess Sofia and all her purple goodies.
2. Motorised car. I know this looks like a boys toy but SJ would love to ‘drive’ her own car.
3. Christmas pyjamas. Who doesn’t love to dress up for the holidays – especially the night before Christmas?
4. Inflatable pool toy. SJ loves swimming and she would have so much fun on this blow up toy.
5. Puzzles. This is SJ’s favourite ‘quiet time’ activity – it keeps her occupied (and quiet) for ages. 
6. Toddler Converse. How cute?
7. Musical instruments. SJ loves her music lessons and she has so much fun singing and playing the instruments – just like her Bumpa!
8. Christmas books. SJ is enthralled with stories, especially all about Santa and the Christmas story.
9. Jungle gym. As a busy and active toddler with lots of energy – this is a piece of heaven for her!
What are your favourite Christmas gifts for kiddies?


  1. These are such sweet gift ideas… Perhaps you can help! What is a really useful Christmas gift I can get my Godson – granted he is only 3 months old (4 months old on 4 January) – so really it's something useful that mom and dad can use with him! Any suggestions?

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