Married 4 years today…

02 October 2014|

4 years
1 wedding
2 children
2 homes
2 dogs
5 cars
And a lifetime of memories…

On this day, four years ago, we said “I Do”.
We made a promise to each to be together, no matter what.
Four years later, we are doing pretty well.

Dear MC,

Happy 4th Wedding Anniversary my husband.
Thank you for four magical years of ups and downs, laughs and tears, good times and not-so-good. All that matters is that we have got through the testing times and enjoyed all the times together. There is no other person in this world that I trust the way I trust you, care for the way I care for you and adore the way I adore you.

I count my lucky stars for the day we met and fell in love and that you chose me, and you would keep choosing me, even as the years go by. Thank you for being my best friend that I can turn to in times of joy and need. Thank you for being my pillar of strength when I feel my world is falling apart. Thank you for the way you look at me and tell me that I am beautiful each and every day. Thank you for accepting me with all my flabby fat, flaws and annoying habits. Thank you for constant support and guidance as I navigate the seas of life.

Thank you for being the most incredible Daddy to both our girls – for being their knight in shining armour and first loves, and for putting their needs before your own. Thank you for showing them love and care and endless quality time and attention. Thank for you for hugging them and kissing them and showering them with ‘I love you’d’. Thank you for changing dirty nappies, comforting through painful injections and getting up to late night feeds.

Thank you for welcoming into your special family and giving me parents that will go to the ends of the earth for me, two sisters and a brother that I love as my own. And providing for our sweet family with anything and everything that we want and need. Thank you for working so hard so that you can provide – early mornings, late nights and endless tiring business trips.

Most of all, thank you for being you – an incredible that never changes, no matter the time or place or situation. Thank you for choosing me to be your forever, and for loving me each day.

I love you to the moon and back
And a good old trip down memory lane…

All images from our fab wedding photographer: Heather Fitchet


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