Blogtober14: One thing you can’t live without

03 October 2014|

One thing you can’t live without
This is a tough one because I would like to think that physically I could survive without any one thing (besides food and water, obviously!) If we were talking “things”, I would probably say my phone because it is ‘my whole life’ – it has contacts, emails, messages, photos and social media sites. But it is also available in emergencies, if I need any one at any given time.
But I could love and survive without it.
If we had to get really sentimental and emotional over here, I would have to say: my husband. Although he isn’t a thing, he is a human being, a man. And my other half. A person I cannot imagine living without. Yes, I would probably still breathe and live without him. But I wouldn’t want to.
He really is my everything.

Recently, we have had some tragic events in our city. Close friends have lost their husbands and fathers. And it has really rattled me and hurt in so many ways. I put myself in their shoes and it terrifies me that anything could happen to my own husband, to a man that I don’t think I could ever live without. A man that I don’t ever want to live without.

I wake up each day for him. He makes my every day. He brings me pure happiness and puts a smile on my face in the mornings. His cuddles at night make each difficult moment worth it and the world a safer place. I can’t imagine not sharing my news with him, wrapping my arms around him, cooking dinner for him, sitting in his passenger seat or our girls not having a Dad. 

All I can do is pray that God allows us to spend a long and fulfilling life together and have faith that God has a Plan for us all. And just love him as much as I can, each and every day.

What one thing can you not live without?
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