Blogtober14: Funniest memory from childhood

14 October 2014|

Funniest memory from childhood

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I am quite surprised that I was stuck trying to write this post because i have such a good memory and I had a great childhood, yet no apparent funny memories come to mind…

So here are a few…

When I was 18 months old, our domestic worker and my nanny used to look after me during the day while my Mom was at work. One day, she needed her ID book for something and she had left it at home. Knowing full well that she couldn’t leave a baby at home alone, she strapped me to her back, got on the bus, travelled into the township, collected her ID book and then straight back home. Hilarious now but could have been rather dangerous at the time!

When I was four years old, my Gran came to collect me from play school and they couldn’t find me in the playground. After plenty name calling and searching, I peeped out from under the tractor – with a little boy named, Ryan. We had decided that hiding under the tractor and holding hands was quite romantic!

In Grade 6, our Geography class went on camp to the Drakensberg mountains. We stayed in a thatch dorm room, above the teachers bedrooms. One particularly sour and grumpy teacher was on ‘night duty’ with us teenagers staying up until all hours. Eventually, she came marching up the stairs, no time to put any lights on – all us girls hopped around in our sleeping bags, found a surface and lay dead still, trying desperately to mask the fits of giggles – only to have their dear old duck storm out and trip over a bag and land face first on the floor – with us all laughing hysterically!

What is your funniest childhood memory?
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