September Goals

03 September 2014|

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After a great month of achieving goals last month, I am motivated to get this month going too! Thank you to everyone for all the love and support – such great inspiration!
September Goals
  • Kiss my husband every day
  • Tell SJ and EN I love them, every day
  • Pray every day
  • Spend more time with Jesus
  • Save R1000
  • Complete meal plans each week
  • Read two books
  • Have and recover from minor surgery
  • Talk long walks whilst I can’t run
  • Cook two special meals at home
  • Bake two tasty recipes
  • Drink more water
  • Lose 1kg
  • Enjoy two date nights
  • Celebrate my FIL’s birthday
  • Celebrate our godson’s 2nd birthday
  • Host and enjoy a bachelorette party
  • Attend a 30th birthday
  • Plan and buy MC’s anniversary gift
  • Plan a fun itinerary for our overseas trip
  • Complete two crafts with SJ
  • Book and enjoy a facial
  • Send two pen pal letters to blogging friends
  • Order EN’s canvas prints
  • Complete photo books for SJ’s birthday and EN’s newborn
  • Hang red friend frames in our bar

Did you achieve your goals last month?
What are your goals this month?


  1. wow – busy month with so many awesome goals.
    I'm excited to hear more about this overseas trip – how stunning!
    Please teach me to save R1000 too!! We need it so badly.
    Can't wait to see your meals and baking recipes.
    Good luck for the surgery – I hope it's nothing serious and wish you a speedy recovery *hug*

  2. oh no friend. You must update me on the surgery. Can we do a facial when you come to Texas? That would make me so happy. You've got lots of great goals for the month. woohoo.

  3. Great goals, you have inspired me to set out a list of goals for myself too. I hope the surgery goes well with no complications and you recover quickly, and have an amazing trip overseas! Can't wait for you to spill the beans on that one xxx

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