Neon Run

02 September 2014|

History was made this past weekend.
I ran my first ever running race – a whole 5km!

I am very proud of myself – even if it was more of a fun run, it was a start!
And I did it. I finished it. 

The Neon Run is an evening run that involves a lot of colour and neon gear. The race kicked off at 18h30 and was a flat run from our sports stadiums, along our promenade and back to the stadium. A music festival ran from 14h00 – 23h30 in the evening with a great line up. We covered ourselves in neon paint and glow sticks and run with about 3500 other runners/walkers. There were two neon stations that had giant UV lights so the neon lit up and created even more hype along the way.

A fun evening and 5km under my belt.


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