You Will Never Catch Me…

01 July 2014|

I absolutely loved reading Katie’s list of things you will never catch her doing… 
So much so that I had to write my very own list (and I had to steal a few of hers too – we are more alike than I thought!).
You Will Never Catch Me…

Without my wedding rings on

Eating avocado or salmon

Saying no to Coca-Cola

Choosing cold weather over hot weather

Drinking red wine

Living away from the ocean

Without a hair brush close by (this Leo looks after her mane)

Sleeping without a fan or air conditioner on

Choosing cardio over weights

Driving without my seat belt on

Kissing anyone on the lips (besides MC, SJ and EN)

Wearing glasses (I’m also a contacts girl)

Not showering/bathing in a day (I normally shower twice a day)

Plucking or tweezing my own eyebrows

Drinking any spirits but vodka or shooters

Choosing to call over text


Drinking while I am eating (as in food and drink in my mouth at the same time)

Watching The Kardashians or Real Housewives (or any trashy reality TV)

Accepting or forgiving cheating, betrayal or deceit

Eating plain white chocolate

Near a snake
Without manicured nails and toes

Without a to do list

Going bird watching

Sleeping on my stomach or my back (I only sleep on my side)

Why not write your own list and share what you would never be caught doing?


  1. Such a fab idea – I am going to do one next week and link back to you! Some of mine are exactly the same, and others are totally opposite! (Also always choose summer over winter, but never have a brush with me and some days don't even brush my hair at all lol!)

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