Book Review: Deep Blue Sea

30 June 2014|

There is no better way to wind down and relax on holiday than with a good book. I was especially lucky this past holiday (a whole 6 months ago already!) because I was on an island, enjoying our view on the beach when reading this gripping book – I really enjoyed it, one of those that you struggle to put down…

Deep Blue Sea: Tasmina Perry
Title: Deep Blue Sea

Author: Tasmina Perry

Genre: Suspense

Main characters: 
  • Rachel Miller – ex-journalist
  • Diana Denver – Rachel’s sister, married to billionaire
  • Julian Denver – Diana’s husband, billionaire

Rachel and Diana are sisters who grew up in a simple upbringing. Diana marries billionaire Julian Denver and starts living the high life. Rachel is a cut throat gossip journalist and she exposes Julian having an affair on the front page and causes a family rift. When Julian unexpectedly commits suicide, Diana asks Rachel to investigate his death. Rachel uses her past contacts and incredible sixth sense to get to the bottom of why Julian committed suicide, and uses the time with her sister to reconnect and repair their broken relationship.

I loved this book – all the drama, the twists and turns and the way it kept me coming back for me. I am sucker for all investigating, suspense books and TV series and this was a good one. Especially because I couldn’t guess exactly what was going on…

Have you read it? What did you think?
Any other book recommendations?


  1. Oooh this looks good. I love suspense, thrillers and crime fiction! Have you read James Patterson books? His earlier books are fantastic!!!
    I've been looking for some new reads. I'll definitely check it out x

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