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13 March 2014|

There is something about saying “first kiss” that makes most people cringe, or squirm or start to sweat… And then I watched this video on Megan’s blog and I started to feel even more awkward…
What did you think? 
I have to be honest – I felt awkward, I started to sweat and had a few cringe moments but then the romantic in me kicked in and I felt all warm and fuzzy, that exciting tingling feeling and after reading Megan’s post and watching the video, I also started to think about my first kiss…
(My first ever kiss was in Grade 7 with a silly crush, and definitely not worth talking about!)
But my first REAL kiss… I’ve had two.
The first was on Tuesday, 26th September 2006.
And the lucky recipient was MC.
In his car. In an empty parking lot. In the rain.
How romantic?
This kiss marked the start of us. Of our journey. 
We had been in contact via email and phone for 3 months when MC arrived home from the UK. We had sent flirty text messages, showing mutual interest in each other and showing signs of wanting to meet up. The night before, MC had invited me to his house for dinner (our first real “date”) and I had left with a big, cuddly but rather awkward hug in the driveway. We don’t kiss on the first date… Haha 🙂
On said Tuesday evening, I had planned to go out with a group of girl friends for a fun night on the town. Much to my disappointment, MC had decided to stay home on the couch for many reason: 
a. He was tired
b. None of his friends were going out
c. He wanted to play hard to get
So imagine my surprise, and pure excitement when halfway through the night, I looked across the bar and saw his standing there with shaggy, blonde hair and lime green shirt, smiling at me. Fast forward through a fun evening of chatting, flirting and dancing, the clock struck and it was time for Cinderella and her prince to head home. We approached the club exit to be greeted with a massive downpour – always the gentleman, MC offered me his shirt (yes, he was going to strip in the pouring rain, just so I wouldn’t get wet!) but we settled on rushing to his car (parked closer than mine) and then drive to my parked car. 
It was in his parked car, in the empty parking lot and pouring rain that we said our goodbyes and both leaned in for that forever remembered first kiss. As I remember it, time stood still, the butterflies flew madly around my tummy, my hands were sweating, my face dripping with rain drops but the sweetest kiss from a man that I had already fallen for – a small confirmation that feelings were mutual. 
Just before that kiss…
And the second? How do you beat that?
The second was on Saturday 2nd October 2010.
Again, MC was the lucky recipient.
But this time, he was my husband. Our very first married kiss.
I don’t care what anyone says, kissing your husband is VERY different to kissing your boyfriend or your fiancé. It just is.
That much anticipated… “You may kiss the bride”, the start of our fairy tale, our forever. It is indescribable.
MC and I had spoken about this first kiss in great detail before the wedding. He is a shy and private man and isn’t big on Public Displays of Affection and was nervous kissing in front of 250 guests but we also didn’t want to mess it up – you only get that one chance, no dress rehearsals or take two. 
We ran through it all – how long do we kiss for? Who goes left and who goes right? With tongue or without? Haha, so much analysis on something that just comes so naturally. Although again, the butterflies were frantically flying, the grin on my face could not have been wider, and my sweaty palms resting in his… We leaned in and the fireworks went off, and some serious applause from our congregation – and a sneaky bit of tongue from me!
Do you remember your first kiss? Or kisses?


  1. I don't kiss on the first date either, but with Flip, I didn't have a choice. We've been friends for a while before our first date and I think he was just so crazy for me that he had to kiss me. Hahaha.

    It's so sweet that you guys discussed it, I've seen wedding vids where the kissing was just awful – way too much tongue involved!

  2. hahaha! I keep hearing about this vid but didn't stop to watch it until now. It cracks me up that the lady who is the "actress" really looked like the one who enjoyed it least. It was like she was backing out the whole time.

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