#100happydays: Three

12 March 2014|

Everything is a bit behind in these parts, thanks to a very slow internet connection for the last few days! There is nothing I hate more than technology issues… But it seems we are back up and running!

Another 10 days of happiness – have you joined it? Are you still cracking a smile each day?
I’m happy because…

1. My rings: engagement, wedding bands and eternity ring when becoming a mom
2. Sweet gifts of “love” from a special friend
3. This little smile (even when she isn’t well)
4. Hot chocolate and an early bedtime
5. Five compliments in one day on my two year old jeans
6. These little legs bouncing around my tummy
7. Celebrating the wedding of Mr & Mrs Gilson
8. Fetching this gorgeous child from school
9. Early morning “me time”
10. Pressie wrapping for a very festive February


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