31 Days of Serving My Husband: The Devotional

24 February 2014|

As a regular reader of my blog, you would probably have noticed the following few things about me:
I am a follower of Christ
I am a wife
I love and adore my husband
I enjoy cooking and baking
I like to be organised
I love a to-do list
I enjoy hosting parties
I blog about all of the above…
As it were, I like to read blogs that cover similar topics and befriend bloggers that think and blog just like I do (most of the time, a lot better!) One of the lovely ladies I enjoy following and have now struck up a friendship with is Ashley from Domestic Fashionista
Ashley’s blog is truly inspirational and covers all of my favourite topics, please read a few of my favourite posts:
But my all time favourite has to be Ashley’s e-book and blog series:
31 Days Of Serving My Husband
(you can read all the posts here)
These posts had me glued to my computer screen for days on end, reading and enjoying the tales and tips that Ashley had to share. They were truly inspirational and a strong message from God steering me into the right direction to being the wife that I really want to be, as well as the wife MC would like me to be.
I didn’t think Ashley could do it any better, but she has proved me wrong, and she has done it again – this time bigger and better and even more purposeful… Ashley has launched her new book:
31 Days Of Serving My Husband: The Devotional
Inspiring Words from the Introduction:
“When my marriage is healthy and thriving, I am a better person and find more freedom in what I do because of it. I can plan a beautiful birthday party, get a new area rug, and come up with my next best ice cream recipe, but if my marriage is not being taken care of first, the rest of these things seem to not matter so much. 

Whether you are a long time blog reader or somehow stumbled upon this book, I hope that leave this book with a heart of encouragement. No matter your life season, career, or amount of children you have, I believe if you picked up this book that we have one thing in common – we care about strengthening our marriages. 

Thank you for caring and taking a risk by desiring to serve your husband. Serving is hard. Our husband’s are not perfect. But neither are we. And so our thriving marriage must first start in our own hearts. I cannot make any promises, but I will share from experience, that when I am able to see my husband in a new light and as his wife, the willingness to unselfishly serve him… he changes. I change. And our marriage grows.”

Once again, our Lord was on my side and I was blessed to receive a free copy of this new e-book to review. All I can say is Ashley has outdone herself, and I am so grateful to have been able to spend the last few days reading through her exceptional writing and the faithful guidelines in serving my own husband. 
Each chapter was written for me, and as I read I was amazed at how I could have written each and every word. I feel exactly as Ashley does – knowing and exploring where my strengths and weaknesses lie, and acknowledging where I can improve as a wife and serve my husband in the best way possible. 
But the best feature in this new book are the added words of Scripture and engaging questions at the end of each chapter. Each chapter tells a relevant story, based on Ashley’s experience and advice – all which involves you to dig deep within and think about your own way of serving and being an intentional wife. You will be surprised at how well you can relate to each and every one in some, small way. The scriptures and references to the Word follow – and these show how not only do we want to be this perfect wife but how God intended for us to be this wife too. 
I don’t want to ruin the book for you, or give too much away but these are a few of my favourite chapters:
Giving Up My Time To Spend It Together
Having A Mentor
Serve Is Not A Four Letter Word
Celebrating The Small Things
When I Get In The Way
You Can Have The Marriage You Want

Do yourself a favour – visit Ashley’s blog and grab yourself a copy. All information on the new book can be found here.
As I work through the book, slowly and intentionally, I will be doing a blog series on each of the 31 days – why not read the book and we can do this together?


  1. I am going to order this right now! I have been looking for book that includes my new found relationship with God, as well as ways to use that to guide me in my ability to be a better wife. Thank you SO much Cals for sharing this, I can't wait to read your blog posts about this too!

  2. I've rediscovered your blog through your interview on Roxy's (I first read it a couple of years ago:) and I love it, it's awesome to read about other awesome Christian girls in Durban :). Anyway, I'm excited to see your series on this book. Thanks for the wonderful reading.

  3. I love this and I love that so many young women are dedicating their lives and to G*d and their marriage. We need to prioritise both of these in our daily lives or we will never succeed.
    I'm looking forward to your posts. Thanks for introducing me to this

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