Happy 1st Birthday JJ

06 September 2013|

6 September 2012
A very special day for our family… 
The day we celebrate the life of our precious godson,
Jackson Jay Fourie

Last year, we spent 25 hours in anticipation and anxiously awaiting the exciting news of his arrival.
My gorgeous friend, Shanny spent those grueling hours in labour and now a whole year later, we get to celebrate the most precious 365 days of our little munchkin.
Dear JJ,
Happy 1st birthday darling child.
We cannot believe it has been a whole year since you were born and we were honoured to take on the role as your godparents. you are always in our thoughts and our prayers. We are always here as a support and to your special mummy and daddy and you are one lucky boy to have two incredible parents. They are precious friends that we truly treasure, and our families are going to be friends forever. 

You are the sweetest little soul with the most gorgeous eyes and smile, your face lights up a room and makes our day. Your love and affection is both heart warming and heart melting, and you and our SJ already share such a unique bond. We cherish the special times we share together and the sweet moments we get to spend with you. Thank you for the love and joy you so innocently give, and your little personality and quirks.

Each day, we pray for you and your treasured life and soul. Our dear Lord blessed this world with another angel a year ago, and each day He shines His light on you. He helps you grow and mature into the sweetest little man. He has His hand gently placed on you and His eyes watching over you, ensuring health and happiness. He is always with you, just as we are too.

We love you lots (and as our own) our JJ
Love Calsy & Marcie, and little SJ too


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