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06 September 2013|

6 September.
A story about a time you were very afraid.

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This happened very recently and I shiver as I experience this moment all over again.

Last weekend, I went to visit and look after my Nana down our South Coast. She stays in a small retirement village that is located in a small pan-handle off the main road. The South Coast is known for quite a bit of petty crime but there have been no reported incidents in my Nan’s village. 

On Friday evening, I woke with a start around 11pm (I went to bed at 8pm, as you do in a retirement village) so 11pm seemed like the middle of the night to me. And I woke to a tapping noise at my bedroom window. Without my contact lenses in, I am as blind as a bat so I couldn’t male out the shadow at the curtain but it looked like a person’s figure. My immediate thoughts were that it was an intruder trying to unscrew the burglar bars on the window, trying to get into the room.

I was paralysed with fear. I was sweating. I was struggling to breathe. And I could feel my heart pumping out of my chest.

I had no idea what to do. My gran was in the room next door, fast asleep, almost completely deaf and far to frail to help in any way. The nearest person to call was MC who was 1,5 hours away. I had no contact number for the local security. And I couldn’t see or speak.

Not my greatest moment.
What was I going to do?

I quietly found my toiletry bag next to the bed, I slipped my contact lens into one eye (that would do, for now!) and as I got up to tip-toe out the room, I got sick every where. Yes, I vomited in pure fear. 

And strangely enough, it snapped me out of my state of fear!
I was more worried about my vomit and cleaning it up (and possibly the thought that no intruder would want to steal my vomit, or anything surrounding it!) than screaming the place down or running for my life.

Vom cleaned up and other contact inserted, I got back into bed. I started breathing normally and slowed my heart rate down to normality. I bravely closed my eyes and went back to sleep – all after a thorough investigation of the outdoor garden that had become male intruders in the middle of the night.

Yes, it was just a plant, blowing in the breeze.

When last were you REALLY afraid?
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  1. i have a mental image of you all one eyed feeling your way through the room, jumping every time you hear the knock and the vomit moment! I did have a little chuckle. Sorry!
    So glad you were able to share the story and that it wasn't serious

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