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10 September 2013|

10 September
Describe a distinct moment when your life took a turn

Are you ready for soppy?
Are you ready for romance?
The distinct moment my life took a turn…
Was the day night I laid eyes on this man.

Hahaha, how corny?!
But so true. And I’ll tell you why…

The night I met MC was in 2005, we were both at a local nightclub and were introduced by a mutual friend. I was in a relationship and had been for 4 years. A childish and destructive, emotionally abusive relationship. One that should have ended before it started. But I was young and stupid and I allowed myself to be in a bad situation for a long time. Nothing and nobody could make me see otherwise.
Until I met MC. 

It was a brief introduction/meeting but it was electric and life-changing. He made such an impact on me that night in so many ways. He was gorgeous and had the sexiest smile (that always helps) but he was so warm and engaging, so friendly and such a gentleman (even in an awkward situation).

His actions were gentle and inviting but also respectful as he knew I was in a relationship. And this part about him made me respect him even more. 

I went away from this encounter speechless, but wanting so much more from life and from a man. Due to circumstances, it took me a few more months to end my relationship but I changed my view on men and relationships. I now knew what I wanted in a man and in my life. I chose to make myself happy and be independent – not rely on someone else to warm my heart and make me happy and feel wanted. I became an individual, not just somebody’s girlfriend.

I knew in my heart, that I would be with MC one day and that day would the first day of our forever. 
He was the man I was going to marry.

And 8 years later, he is my husband.
And my life has changed in so many magical ways.
When did your life take a turn?
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  1. I got goosebumps reading this!!
    I feel this way about my man now – I had given up hope. I've always been independent, but we still want to share our lives with someone!
    I feel like I've found my person 🙂
    Thanks for sharing such a sweet story

  2. You guys are SO CUTE. I have always wanted to marry a South African man…the accents are to die for. I love how you love him. I think that's beautiful. Many, many happy years to you both! Excited to be a new friend of yours! <3

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