Week 9: My goals for motherhood

12 August 2013|

Another week, another Monday with Becky.
Week 9: My goals for motherhood

It is no secret that I love being a mom.
I have always said that I was born to be a mom.
And since the birth of our little SJ, I believe that more than ever. She has made our journey through the begging stages of parenthood pretty easy and trouble-free but we have always tried our best.
My goals for motherhood are:
1. Love unconditionally. Yes, I know this may seem like a given but to love is to make a choice and to perform an action. It doesn’t just come naturally. I want to love my children for who they are. I want to love their personality traits and flaws. I want to love absolutely everything about them, for now and always. That doesn’t mean I always have to like them.

2. Try my best. I may not always get it right, but at least I tried. I want to look back and know that I did everything possible to doing it best. I want to always keep trying, making a conscious effort. Learning from my mistakes and making positive changes. Always trying.

3. Listen. I don’t ever want to be that mom who doesn’t listen. Or doesn’t have time to listen. And I wanted to listen, not just hear. I want to listen and then interact and engage based on my listening. I want my children to feel that they are heard, and that they can always come and talk to me, no matter the situation or topic.

4. Teach but also learn. I am a teacher and a mother so I need to learn not to teach too much. Some things are best learnt on your own. But I also want my children to teach me. The youth have so much to offer and teach those that are older than them, and I am sure this will keep evolving over time and as my children grow.

5. Trust my instincts. Because in 16 months, my instinct has always had a hunch at being right. Parents know best and when that instinct alarm starts to ring, I will always listen and act accordingly. A mother knows when they are sick, when they are being defiant, when they are being dishonest or when they are in trouble. 

6. Have fun. A child brings so much love, joy, laughter and fun into a family and I want to have fun with them. I want to join in their smiles and laughter. I want to jump around, get dirty and get excited. I want bring their joy and share in these special moments with them.
What are your goals for motherhood?


  1. This is a great list. If you can achieve all of these I know you'll be a brilliant mother (I am sure you all ready are, but I mean in the long run).
    It's a list I can only hope to aspire to

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