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12 August 2013|

I am truly lucky to share a birthday month and special friendship with this lovely lady…
Samantha from everything i heart
When is your birthday?
5 August 1985
Favourite birthday celebration 
It was my 5th birthday. I remember it clear as day! I was OBSESSED with My Little Pony. So my mom threw me a My Little Pony themed birthday. She made me a My Little Pony birthday cake, I remember thinking it was the BEST, most beautiful cake I had ever seen! My parents also arranged to have ponies, real life ponies for all us kiddies to have pony rides, in our VERY OWN BACK GARDEN! It was incredible! To top it off the ponies had been sprayed My Little Pony colours (poor things.) It was the coolest birthday ever and my fellow friends didn’t stop talking about how cool it was for months that followed- I felt super special! J
{Pic attached is of a few of us kiddies waiting in line to ride the horses- I’m third in line, grinning from ear to ear! Was the only pic I could find, I know there are a lot more but I cannot find them}
Favourite birthday gift 
This has to be my darling, most precious puppy, Frankie. I got her for my birthday last year. She has bought so much love and light into my life. I absolutely adore her! 
And this year, Sammy has been blessed with an even more exciting gift – the joy of a special pregnancy after quite a struggle.
What a little miracle, and just in time for your birthday.


  1. LOL….I was also obsessed with my little pony when I was young! I kept all of my little pony toys and have given them to my daughter to play with, which she adores:) xxxx

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