Throwback Thursday

08 August 2013|

Feeling a little nostalgic today and having had a bit of time to think back to the good ‘ol days…
Although these days are pretty good too!
Thursday link up with Ady and Jennifer
A few fun pics from the last few years…
September 2009 – Night out with Leigh
This was a fun girls night out. Leigh (on the right) had come home from the UK for a quick visit and we went for an Italian dinner before heading out on the town. Lots of fun, too many laughs and ridiculous faces (along with my Chinese eyes!) Loving my hair colour from back then…
Nicole’s housewarming – February 2010
 This was a fun night. Nix (blonde in the middle) had just moved into her new flat – a cosy flat that managed to fit over 20 people into it for drinks and snacks. It was a “school night” with work the next day and I was convinced into heading out on the town. A night of hysterical laughs and some serious dance moves followed, with my new engagement ring being the focal point in every photo!!
York Wedding – December 2010
I love this photo of us girls at Dave & Kirst’s wedding. The York wedding was held in the Drakensberg, just 2 months after our wedding. It was so exciting attending a wedding as newlyweds and MC was best man. I spent the whole morning and day before in the Berg sunshine and look like a pink lobster against my pink dress. I ended this night on the dancefloor with a tie around my head. Enough said.

What a blast from the past looking back at these photos.
Fun times.


  1. Such cute photos – I'm also loving your hair in the first one… rock it lady! Although I must say, these photos make me feel old. I don't even have a bebe and these nights are few and far between now.


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