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09 August 2013|

Next in our favourite birthdays is…
When is your birthday?
20 June
Favourite birthday celebration: 
This wasn’t easy for me as I seem to have bad luck with birthdays. I never make a big fuss about my own and something always goes wrong on my birthday. One year my mom forgot my birthday! My dad’s birthday is the day before mine so she tends to focus on his. For my 26th birthday she was so busy with his plans that she forgot all about mine. I’ve learnt to accept it. So my favourite birthday? The one that I spent at Disney’s Magic Kingdom. I felt like a kid again and got to spend the day with my amazing friends and MrB. It turned out to be a 3 day celebration with dinner at Bubba Gump’s at Universal the day after Disney. When we finally got back home, MrB had arranged for a Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food ice cream cake – YUM!
Favourite birthday gift:
This is really tough as I have bad luck with gifts. I always get duplicate presents. One year I was given two sets of PJ’s (neither set fit), 2 copies of the same DVD and 2 tea pots. Last year I received 10 scarves from 10 people! Two years ago everyone gave me nail polish – sometimes in the same colour. I think I must be difficult to shop for! I told MrB from the start that I don’t want birthday gifts so he buys me presents during the year.
A birthday at Disney sounds amazing to me, and here is wishing you have only good luck with your future birthdays. I am sure MrB is going to make them all memorable.
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