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15 August 2013|

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This is a quick: “Hi and nice to meet you” to all you lovely new readers around here… The best way to get to know me is to read My Story and now a few random facts about me.

I have a double barrel name. My mom wanted one name, my grandmother wanted a traditional second name so my mom added a hyphen and my two names became one. Caley-Jade.

I am obssessed with all occasions. Birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Anniversaries. You name it. August is my birthday (if you couldn’t tell already).

I am right handed. I do everything with my right hand, unless I am “Writing” cards on behalf of SJ and then I use my left hand for the “baby writing” effect.

I struggle to swallow pills. I am convinced that I choked on one as a child and this resulted in an intense fear of swallowing all pills, tablets and capsules. I would rather have syrup. At age 28.

My nails and toes are always painted. With gelish. My fingers are always a french manicure and my toes are always a bright colour – red, coral or hot pink. I am boring like that. 

I am super organised. I plan and organise everything to the very last detail, and I don’t miss or leave things out. Ever. I am anal like that. I make lists, lots of them. 

I am OCD about correct spelling, punctuation and grammar. Do not send me a text with spelling errors or abbreviations. I won’t reply. I even turned down a job once because there was a spelling error in their offer letter. I cannot work like that. 

I have the best husband in the world. Fact. And I don’t think I am biased. I was blessed with an angel. Or I won the jackpot. I really found a gem. He ticks every box of any husband checklist. I love and adore him with all my being, and most of the time I don’t actually deserve him. But I am lucky that he chose me. He loves and adores me, he is loyal and he trusts me, he supports and guides me, he washes dishes and cooks, he does night feeds and morning breakfasts, he makes me tea in bed, he runs with me and he compliments me. What more could a wife ask for?

I don’t like the cold. I live on the coast for a reason. We never have a Winter. I don’t like cold temperatures, or rain, or wind, or snow. I am happy to compromise for a skiing holiday but that is it. I chose sunshine, every time.

I don’t like the colour black. Gasp! Shock! Horror! Yes, I am a colour person. I am the the one that stands out in a dark, gloomy London office because I am the one wearing yellow or hot pink. Or in a cold Winter wearing white or orange. I only own the basic black essentials – black pants, black pumps, black jacket etc. But you won’t see me in black often.

I am a fussy eater. I don’t eat avocado and salmon. And I don’t drink coffee or wine. Another shock to many people. I don’t like the tastes, smells or textures.

I have a very low pain threshold. Everything is sore for me. Including waxing, pill swallowing, removing plasters, plucking eyebrows. God was on my side when I had to have an emergency C-section birth because I probably wouldn’t survive even just one contraction (never mind pushing, I was going to have a planned epidural anyway). 

I don’t like odd numbers. Except the number 13. I have no reason for this but I just prefer things to be even. And the exact reason I have 13 random facts. Not 11 or 15.

Thank you for stopping by.
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  1. I really enjoyed getting to know you better.
    Ok, so no plans to meet up for coffee or wine then (just kidding!)
    And the number thing is interesting. I have a letter thing. I dislike, no hate, the letter K.
    I apologise forever and ever and ever for all my spelling errors in your comments!

  2. So lovely hearing more about you! I'm exactly the same re bright colours – my mom used to say I looked like a witch when I tried wearing black lol! Biggest difference is that I loooove wine haha!

  3. Such a good idea to write with your left hand when replying for little Sophie… I would have never thought of that! But, then again I'm not a mommy yet 😉 I also always have polish on nails – only for me, my fingers are a bright colour and my toes are french. And, it also drives me mad when assignments or work documents have spelling and grammatical errors, it immediately takes away from the professionalism. Props to you for turning down that offer!


  4. It's great getting to know you! I suppose I have a double barrel name too, well…middle name. My name is Jessica Cora-Anne 🙂 my mom wanted just Anne but my granny had a dream she named me after my great granny. Fact: I actually love my middle name more than my first name and wish I had the gull to go by it.

  5. I enjoyed this post so much!
    I was one of those people gasping at the "no wine or coffee" but I guess that leaves more for me! 😀

    Have a stunning weekend.

  6. Hahaha, loved reading these random facts. I might hire you as an editor, as I have the worst spelling when texting! Autocorrect always always messes up what I want to say 😉 xo (I am nervous to post this, but it should be error free) 😉

  7. You made me laugh, on a Monday, before my first cup of coffee! That is huge. This post funny, and you seem like a super duper nice gal. Been reading for a while and I love the blog.

  8. I always think it's polite to stop by and say hello on a new blog, especially when the blogger asks you to so nicely 😉 It's been great getting to know you a bit more in a single post. Stumbled on your blog a while back, and just found it again 🙂 Hope you have a super week! x

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