Favourite Birthday – Shan

16 August 2013|

Birthday memories that include me today…
Shan – Shanny Bannany
When is your birthday?
9 November 1985
Favourite birthday celebration
I honestly believe that my favourite birthday was last year… I had just become a mom 2 months prior and that was so special.  On my birthday I remember Cals taking me again for beautiful Gelish nails (as has become tradition 🙂 and I the gorgeous Candyland Hangover hot pink colour.
and spending my bday with you is just my favourite!! My bday landed on a bookclub night I think and I got spoilt with red velvet cupcakes. And I had an AWESOME pool party that weekend at Zimbali where all my special friends came … 

Favourite birthday gift
 Last year, my husband Juzzy gave me the most stunning BVLGARI Sunnies – my biggest spoiling yet!
I am so privileged to be able to spend special birthdays with my Shanny, and spoil you rotten! Looking forward to this year!


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