Week 6: If I could be anything in the world…

22 July 2013|

Linking up with Becky again today.
Week 6: If I could be anything…
If I could be anything in the world…
I would be me.


How boring does that sound? But also how
incredible does that sound? 
I could say I would want to be any of the following…
  • A nurse to experience the thrill, chaos of
    a bleeding emergency room and joy of saving lives.
  • Princess Kate to be a Royal Princess
    involved with the Queen and Royal family. A real life princess.
  • A formula 1 drive to experience the
    adrenaline and speed of racing an F1 car and standing on the top podium.
  • An award winning actress to be a celebrity, enjoy the
    high life and get paid to act on set for a living.
  • A super hot fitness instructor to have the sexiest
    body with ripped muscles and no flab. The ideal job of just working out.
  • A high profile model to wear designer clothes and travel
    the world in fashion shows and photo shoots. 
But then I may also have to deal with…
  • Long shifts, losing my patients or making a mistake that
    could cost a life.
  • Having to follow the royal etiquette and
    being watched and criticised every second of the day. Always compared to Lady Di.
  • The ups and downs of a travelling life, the high risk of a tragic accident and not making the podium.
  • My life in the spotlight and the judgement
    of my movie roles, endless gossip and drama, affairs and addictions.
  • The early mornings, late evenings, demands
    on my social life and always watching what I eat.
  • The dark world of booze, cigarettes, drugs
    and eating disorders, The rejection of not being the right look or too fat.

Maybe I would like to be one of the above for
a day or two, but then I would want my own sweet life back. I like living in my
little town with my precious family – evenings spent with my gorgeous husband
who loves and adores me, and our baby girl who lights up our lives. I love the
home we are building and the special friends we socialise with and spend our
time with. I love my life just the way it is…
What would you be?


  1. I love the list and also the realities of the lists.
    I would be a travel writer – someone who could see places and put it all into words that inspires others to visit too

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