Friday Letters

26 July 2013|

Yay! Yay! It’s Friday!
Pop in and say hi to Ashley and her bump.

Dear Lord Jesus… Thank you the amazing message at church last week. I was captivated and in awe, and came away feeling so blessed and so motivated. With You by my side, I can do anything and achieve everything. 

Dear MC… I pray for you my darling man. I pray for your strength and your constant hard work. You are an inspiration and role model to us all as you put in all the hard work and effort, and so much more. I admire the way you approach all areas of life and the powerful man that you already are. Thank you for always working so hard to provide for us.

Dear SJ… Oh darling child, I cannot believe you are almost 16 months old. Where has the time gone? We cannot get enough of you, your little mannerisms and expressions, and the little words that are starting to come out your mouth. Your mommy and daddy think you are a genius!

Dear Topshop Changing Room… Thank you for the massive wake up call, even if it did hurt like hell!

Dear Running… Who knew that we could possibly be friends? We seem to get on quite well, and long may this friendship last!

Dear Birthday… Less than a month now. Every day of this countdown brings joy to my heart. I just love celebrations!

Dear Janey… Thank you and not thank you for introducing me to the deliciousness that is Lindt Mint Intense dark chocolate at your wedding. Wow!

Happy Weekend


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