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When I first met MC, he lived in a beautiful home in a popular affluent suburb. He had bought the house as a property investment and had two friends living in it permanently while he was in the UK. He lived in it for the 6 month off season. 
As a couple, we spent a lot of time in this home and when we got engaged in 2009, the boys moved out and I moved in to make the “digs”, our home (MC was still living in the UK). I spent the 10 months of our engagement, moving things around, painting and fixing, buying new furniture and putting a girly, homely, cosy touch to our new home as newlyweds. We came home from our honeymoon and started our married life in this special home. 
Two years ago, we started looking around for land to buy as we have always had a dream to build our own home. Unfortunately, Durban is really built up and there isn’t much land left to develop – especially if you want to stay in a central and easily accessible suburb. Lucky for us, there is one beautiful estate close to our current home that we had a look at and found a beautiful piece of land (previously owned by my parents-in-law who decided to down size rather than build). 
We have been very blessed for us to be able to purchase this land, develop house plans and now in the process of building our dream home for our family – and I promise to keep you updated along the way…
The sad part of this process is that the beginning of a new journey in our new house means saying goodbye to an era and many special memories in our old house. Again, we have been very blessed to have put our house on the market and it was sold in the first 2 days…
 But saying goodbye is never easy.
Our first meeting
Our first hand holding
Many birthdays and celebrations
Our first home
Coming home to our new home from honeymoon
Bringing our first newborn baby home
And so many more…

Our driveway (and my old car)

Entrance to our home (minus the extension)
Side view of the house from the driveway
Lounge (and pup Zinzan on the carpet)

Kitchen and scullery
Dining room
Staircase leading downstairs
Upstairs outside balcony
Downstairs lounge and bar
Before: guest bedroom

Guest bathroom

Main bedroom
Main bathroom
Downstairs outside balcony


We love our home and we will cherish and remember all the special memories made in it. But as we close the door on this adventure, so the door of an exciting new adventure will open…


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