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14 June 2013|

Yay! Yay! It’s Friday!
And another letters link up with Ashley
Dear Jesus… Thank you for getting us through these past few weeks. It has been hectic and chaotic but you gave us the strength to stand up and face the hurdles and get through it all, probably stronger on the other side. Sweet Lord, we can never say enough thank you’s.
Dear MC… It hasn’t been the easiest few weeks for us but we will get through them, together. I cannot express the joy I feel when I see you with our little girl – the bond you share is indescribable, she really is a little daddy’s girl.
Dear SJ… We are so proud of how brave you are my angel, you bump and bruise and scratch yourself daily but you never moan (your pain threshold is impressive!) You are a little fighter and always with a smile on your face. Keep at the walking my girl, you are doing so well and we are so proud of you.
Dear Heather… You never fail to amaze us. Your photography talent and eye for special moments and detail is incredible. Thank you for the beautiful images of SJ’s party, I cannot wait to share them. She just adores you and is always happy and willing to smile and pose for you and your lens.
Dear Janey… Yay for your hens weekend!! I am so excited to see you and spend time with you this weekend. Lots of fun ahead!! 
Dear Summer Holiday… I need you so bad. I need a break, time off with my special family. Relaxing and enjoying time together. I am hoping and praying that this can happen…
Dear Blogging Friends… Thank you for coming back for more each day/week. I write for me but it is also a great sense of achievement and joy when you stop by to say hi and leave some love. I find it interesting that you may find me interesting.
Have a happy weekend

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