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07 May 2013|

The thing(s) you’re most afraid of…

I would like to think that I’m not afraid of much but when I actually sat down to type this post, I realised I am afraid of quite a lot!

I would like to tell you of the few things that I am NOT afraid of first… I’m not afraid of your usual scary animals like: sharks, lions, elephant, rhino, bears etc. I’m also not afraid of most creepy crawly’s like: spiders, cockroaches, worms, bugs and other insects. I’m also not afraid of heights, most adventure sports (bungee jumping, paragliding) or trying out new things like diving, riding a motorbike etc.

However, I am afraid of the following:

I am afraid of dying for many reasons – the unknown is probably the worst part. We just never know when we are going to die. And we don’t know how. I am a planner and an organiser and I like to be in control, dying doesn’t allow for any of these! I am afraid that I won’t life a full and long life, and I am afraid of suffering before I die – nobody wants to die on the road or being burnt alive. This is a real fear that I just cannot overcome.


Losing those closest to me:
The love that I have and feel for my husband and child is intense and it is forever, and it terrifies me that it could not be for long on this earth. I will love them eternally but part of that love is their company and physical being. The same goes for family and friends – I love them all and the thought of not having them around is not only devastating but a great fear too.

I am a people pleaser and over achiever, and I don’t like doing or saying things wrong. I don’t deal with it very well because I try so hard not to fail at anything (often to my own detriment!)I don’t like hurting people’s feelings or making them upset, and I don’t like not finishing something or not doing it well.

This ties in with failure because I love making new friends and maintaing good relationships. Rejection comes with not getting a response or action that I would like, and this makes me feel like I have failed. It is the same in our marriage, I would struggle trying to kiss or cuddle MC and he didn’t return the gesture (lucky for me that he would never!)

This is the one animal/reptile on earth that I am terrified of! i know a lot of people who love them but they all have other fears, this is mine. I am terrified of the way they are sneaky and slimy and slither around almost unnoticed. I also don’t know much about them so when I see one, I have no idea if it is dangerous or not! Unfortunately, I just dislike them all!


The Manta roller coaster at Sea World in Florida:
Yes, only this particular one. Normal roller coasters are ok – I still scream and feel queasy but I will get on them and enjoy the ride. The sting ray, I WILL NOT!! This was the worst ride every built or invented, and I cried for the whole damn thing (and obviously the longest ride ever!) You get in it and the seat rises so you are lying face down, facing the floor and then it spins you around in all directions, through rocks, plants and water and it just goes on for minutes. It is horrible!


And that sums it up…
What are you scared of?
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  1. I have horrible fears. I'm also afraid of death, and I'm a huge claustraphobic. So the photo of the coffin actually made my hands tingle a bit, haha! I am afraid of elevators, also people close to me dying, and drowning.


  2. I can say "YES!" to every.single.thing on your list. Especially the 'losing someone close to me' one. And that roller coaster 😉

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