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24 May 2013|

Your top
3 worst traits…
I’m not a negative person but I can definitely name more than three worst traits… I thought it might be nice to get an outsiders viewpoint too, so I asked my have-to-deal-with-me-hubs, my brutally-honest-bestie and my to-the-point-SIL:

According to me…

  • I am a perfectionist and I am therefore anal about every last detail / insignificant or not! 
  • I am a control freak and I would rather do things my way than delegate to someone and risk it being done wrong. I often don’t value other people’s opinions because I would rather do it my way. 
  • I have a serious fear of failure and rejection so I go out of my way to please people, often to my own detriment. Sometimes I get hurt anyway…

According to my husband:

  • You can be extremely stubborn.
  • You are a people pleaser and never put yourself first.
  • You like doing things YOUR way.

According to my VERY honest best friend:

  • You often put others before yourself to your detriment.
  • You are a binge drinker when you do drink, which is not often. 
  • You beat yourself up too much about the few kgs of baby weight you need to lose and forget about the majority of you which is beautiful inside and out.

According to my sweet sister-in-law:

  • You find it hard to say no to people when they make demands on her time i.e a people pleaser! 
  • You can be quite stubborn (rich coming from me! Haha)
  • You are very open and honest with people, which is a good thing! But should maybe be a little more careful about what she shares with who, not everyone is so trustworthy! 
What are your worst traits?
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  1. I can completely identify with you! I put others before myself all the time and then get upset when no one does the same for me. I can also understand how sometimes it seems easier to do things yourself – that way you're guaranteed they're done properly.
    Don't worry, you're not the only one with these traits!
    Shannon @ milkandcookiestheblog.blogspot.com

  2. You're awfully brave to be asking your husband about your worst traits! 🙂 Actually, I asked mine too. He had no trouble rattling them off. Good thing they were the same ones I thought of myself!

  3. What a great idea. I mean, great in a totally brave way. I asked my husband too. I started trying to figure out what three he would put and could only come up with one, which if you look at my blog, you will see that that's all he could come up with too. 😉

    And the putting others first is a hard one to quit. On the plus side, you were totally prepared to be a mom!

  4. I looove the multi-person takes on your flaws. Genius approach! Isn't it funny how this blogging challenge is turning out to be like therapy?! There's been so much introspection this month thanks to Jenni and her challenge. I'm so glad I followed the linkup here to your blog 🙂

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