What my loved ones think about me…

16 April 2013| ,

Becky is one of my favourite bloggers, and more specifically one of ym favourite mommy bloggers. 
She has two of the sweetest little cherubs that absolutely loves and adores.
Becky is also a nurse.
Mama by day and life-saving nurse by night. 
Anyone else thinking of Florence Nightingale or Mother Teresa right about now?!

She is also the brilliant master mind behind this exciting link up – “What my loved one says about me”
I decided to ask my favourite loved one – my hubs, MC but also a few loved ones around me.
Read and enjoy…

What my husband says about me:
1. You need equal amounts of protein, veg and starch on your fork at mealtime, otherwise you will not finish your plate. (I.e. if you run out of one its knife and fork together time even if you have half a plate left)
2. You cannot sleep without a fan or Aircon – no matter how hot or cold it is
3. You don’t leave the house without a hair brush 
4. You sleep with both your hands tucked up under your head in the prayer position (so beautiful)
5. You have amazing ball skills (hockey, tennis, golf, cricket, catching…)

What my bestie says about me:
1. She has pretty toes.
2. She can’t sleep in planes.
3. She loves coca-cola.
4. She is a Leo and therefore loves taking care of her mane.
5. She produces the most beautiful children.

What my bestie’s husband says about me:
1. She is my wife’s bestie.
2. She hates running.
3. She doesn’t drink wine.
4. She hates the prowler.
5. She loves shopping.

What my mom-in-law says about me:
1. She loves to organize parties and functions and pays  great attention to detail.
2. She has a catchy genuine laugh and a good sense of humour
3. She likes to wear bright colours and is not partial to wearing black.
4. When she tells a story she likes to punctuate it with the word “anyway,” quite a lot!
5. She has a thing about incorrect spelling and also dislikes  text abbreviations.

What my sister-in-law says about me:
1. You detest pork and avocado.
2. You are the most amazing mom, wife, sister and friend.
3. You always have your nails painted.
4. You are obsessed with bikinis.
5. You are a good story teller.

What my new mommy-friend-bestie says about me:
C – could light up any room with her bright smile and distinctive laugh.
A – Always keen to lend a helping hand…my new but treasured friend!
L – loves her gorgeous daughter SJ & Husband to the moon & back and you don’t get much better in the line of wife and mom!
E – Enjoys a cuppa and a big piece of chocolate cake!! Speaking of baking…shes quite happy in the kitchen!!!
Y – Yesterday she was locum teaching;) She loves that too!!

You definitely know a lot about me now!
And it has amazed me how they all know me so well and all had such different things to say about me.


  1. I just love the concept of this link up/blog post! So clever to hear what your family members think of you. May have to incorporate this into a blog post someday… 🙂

  2. I love this idea, I really must try do it.
    And what amazing qualities you have and it just shows what a wonderful role you play in their lives

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