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12 April 2013|

If I have said this once, I have said it a million times – MC and I are having such fun answering these questions!

We seem to be on the same page with most answers (yay for us!) and we have a good chuckle at some too…
Linking up again this week with Veronica and Karla.

1. What bill would you love to hide from your spouse if you could?
Clothing – he doesn’t shop like I do…
My cellphone bill.

2. If your spouse went out on a business trip, the very first thing you would do is…
Chill on the couch, eat Nandos, watch all MY TV series, blog and sleep.
Message her to see if she had arrived safely and then go for a surf.

3. What traffic sign best describes your spouse after a bad day?  (caution, yield, danger ahead… get creative here!!)
No entry – he likes to be left alone.
The “don’t ask me to make you tea and a rusk” sign!!

4. What did your spouse’s friends say to watch out for before you started dating your spouse?
That he was smooth and quite a charmer…
No one had anything bad to say about her…

5. What is your spouses dream car… what color?
An old Land Rover (bush safari style) in any camo colour.
Range Rover Sport in black.

6. What specific sport or game would your spouse say that they are better at than you… and why do you think so?
Everything physical – he is fitter and stronger and more talented than me.
Swimming – I’m no Michael Phelps.

7. What is the funniest thing that you spouse helps you do?  (helping you tie your shoes, prepare your toothbrush… something odd!)
He often applies my body lotion and after surgery, he did EVERYTHING for me – washing and drying hair.
Change verrrrrrrry messy nappies (usually ends in hysterics, haha)

8. What do you think your spouse would say if they were asked what they like LEAST about being married?
That I spend all his money… I don’t think there is anything he doesn’t like about being married.
The amount of sport that is on TV.

9. Who do you get along with best in your spouses’ family and why?
I get along with everyone but I see or speak to his mom every day, she is like my own mom – and I’m so lucky to not have a monster-in-law.
Her step-dad, he reminds me of one my best mates and he is awesome to be around.

10. Finish the sentence.  
Sometimes, I get annoyed at my spouse because he always channel surfs and keeps flipping through channels when we are watching TV
Sometimes, I get annoyed at my spouse because she always pushes me away and off me when I’m trying to cuddle her. 

This week was quite a serious one, but in a good way.
It was quite a thing answering and listening to answers…
Gotta love this link up!


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