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19 April 2013|

This has been quite a long and very tiring week so I am welcoming Friday with open arms.
And this wonderful link up with Ashley.

Dear Lord Jesus… Your love never fails, it never gives up, it never runs out on me. Your love never fails, it never gives up, it never runs out on me…

Dear MC… It’s been good having you home all week mister man! And what a special date night this week – we are so blessed as individuals and as a couple. He is definitely watching over us.

Dear SJ… You are ONE!!! A whole year has flown past little miss. We cannot believe all that has happened this past year and how you have enriched and blessed our lives. You are more than our hearts and minds could ever have wished or hoped for. What a magical year it has been!

Dear Marriages… Ours and everybody elses. It’s not that easy! You need hard work and effort, trust and communication, friendship and laughter, love and passion, respect and understanding. The list is endless but keep going, keep trying, keep loving and it will all work out. I need to be reminded to keep working at it every day.

Dear bestie Rox Could this post have made me any happier?? Never! You are an amazing person and I am lucky to call you my bestest friend. Thank YOU for everything, especially these kind words that made my week!

Dear Country road… Wow! You have some treasures on your rails and I may have given in to one or two. Thank you.

Dear Date Night… You are going to be hard to beat! What a special evening with my hubs and our new space… Pure bliss!

Happy Friday!!

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