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10 March 2013|

How appropriate that one of my favorite bloggers is hosting a link up… about your FAVOURITE BLOGGERS!!!
#bloggercrushlinkup #sharethelove

I have to admit, blogging has introduced me to so many beautiful, talented, caring and loving ladies all over the world. And I truly believe I have made friends in these ladies (without even meeting them, although I would do anything to meet them all!)

Just a few of my favorite – although the list could go on…
The ladies that make me laugh the hardest:

Taylor || Emily

 My idea of super moms:

Becky || Kelle

My idea of special couples:

The ladies that are so beautiful to look at:

Sarah || Jenni

The ladies that I know would be real life friends:

Nicole || Kym

Sweet ladies from Jesus:

My actual real life friends:

Melissa || Samantha

My favorite local lasses:

Jenna || Nadia

And just my all time favorite girls:

Stephanie || Katie || Shay || Erin

Do yourself a favor and go and visit them all.
Stop in and say hi, and make new friends too.


  1. Thanks so much for including me Cals – I also look forward to your blog posts everyday 🙂 And so glad I've been lucky enough to meet you in person!


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