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08 March 2013|

Dear Jesus… Thank you for everything that you have created – from light and dark, to trees and water, to animals and humans. I often take it all for granted but today, I really appreciate it all. Please give me strength, you know I need it right now. Please guide me into finding the answers that I need…

Dear MC… It is so good to have you home. I cannot explain the loneliness and emptiness I feel when you not here. You really are my other half. Thank you for always thinking of us, and for spoiling us rotten (especially for a man who doesn’t like shopping or spending money!)

Dear SJ… My little tot, what a week it has been. It really is true love when a very sick mom would do absolutely anything and everything for her precious teething baba at midnight EVERY night this week. Your gorgeous blue eyes, perfect pink pout and heartwarming giggle get me every time. 


Dear Gogo… Thank you sweet and kind lady of our house. We can never show our appreciation enough. We realize how blessed we are to have found you and how well you fit in with us and our family. We literally cannot live without you.

Dear Nicole... You get married TODAY!!! I am thinking of you all day sweet wife. Enjoy and savor every moment of this magical day and the start of your new life as a Mrs.

Dear 1st birthday planning… I am having so much fun!!

Happy Weekend


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