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11 February 2013|

1. Happy birthday to one of my bestests Nix
2.  Happy birthday to the love of my love, MC
3. Happy birthday to sweet blogger Jenna
4. Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary to our special friends Rox & Chad
5. Tastiest sushi in town from Sevruga
6. Sweet love notes from my hubby
7. Cute reminders on my phone (his nickname is Goz!)
8. Homemade prawn salad for lunch
9. Happy February
10. Good to be back at gym
11. Best gift from my hubs – learning my love language
12. Perfect Summers Day in Durban
13. My cutest picture ever, loving the swimming cap
14. Our new swimming school
15. No longer a baby, now a little girl
16. Sweet baby Emma was born

Have a super duper week 


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