Take it back Tuesday

12 February 2013|

It’s Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday…
Can you hear me singing? Thank goodness you can’t, I suck.
But I’ve been singing all week, singing old school tunes.
Do you remember these?!
1. Wannabe – Spice Girls
My favorite girls night, pajama party song of all time. I may be 27 but that doesn’t stop me grabbing a hairbrush and busting out some serious Spice Girls dance moves and lyrics every time I hear it – and yes, I know ALL the words!!
2. Mmmbop – Hanson
The teen heart throb brothers that we all used to swoon over. Such squeaky and immature voices when I listen back now but still a classic for my 12 year old self. They were also my first poster on my wall.
3. Truly Madly Deeply – Savage Garden
13th birthday party. First slow dance and first kiss. To this song. How romantic are those words at 13? And how cheesy are they now at 27? Needless to say, I learnt to hate this song when my heart was broken. 
4. Mambo No 5 – Lou Bega
RIP Lou. This was another one of those dance tunes. You just had to get up and move. Interesting to his list of ladies now – it’s amazing how you don’t listen to the words when you are younger. Funny but a little scary too (especially with some of the lyrics these days!).
5. Macarena – Los del Rio
Classic dance. We all did it. How cool then? How embarrassing now?
6. Achy breaky heart – Billy Ray Cyrus
Miley can be proud. This song always got me doing that grapevine, line dancing move… Haha, cringe cringe cringe! 
7. Let’s Talk About Sex – Salt ‘n Pepa
Did they really sing this song? About sex? And our parents let us listen to it?
Oh good golly, the pure innocence of it all…
8. Culture Beat – Mr Vain
Real disco. Real rave. More dance moves.
What were your favorites?
Link up with AdyJennifer and Julia


  1. OMG Savage Garden, Hanson, AND Salt N Pepper?!? Girl you just made my morning haha. I'm so glad you're linking up with us! Especially because I'm now jamming out in my office to these awesome throwbacks 😉

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