Take it back Tuesday

05 February 2013|

It’s Tuesday.
Time to reminisce.
Time to take it back.
 Some sweet memories.

This week… it’s:
I won’t lie, there are some serious memories going around in my head right now. All sweet teen memories, the good old days…

1. A Walk to Remember
This is my favorite movie of all time. Mandy Moore was my favorite actress of all time. And don’t forget her musical hits – Candy and Only Hope too. Those were my favorite songs of all time. A lot of favorites which can only be a good thing. The love and bond that these two share in this movie is so special – especially when you are a teen but her death makes it very sad too.

2. I’ll be home for Christmas
This is a serious blast from the past. Not the greatest movie but it cracks the list because who can forget the delectably gorgeous, JTT. Yes, you know you used to call him that too! Haha, Jonathan Taylot Thomas (weekly doses on Home Improvement were a bonus too!) was my teen heartthrob. That sweet smile and shaggy hair… Where is he now?

3. Dirty Dancing
“Nobody puts Baby in a corner” An absolute classic! Bittersweet feelings when I watch it now as Patrick Swayze really made that movie. RIP Patrick. As for his pelvic thrusts, yikes!

4. Grease
At 13, I was one of the many tweens that knew EVERY word/line in this movie. “A hicky from Kanicky” Haha, one of my favorites! I loved the outfits, the music, the cheesy dance moves and the greasy hair.

5. ET
“ET phone home.” Another classic. I didn’t ever think that a movie about an alien would make it’s mark in time but the bond that ET and little Elliot share is very sweet. And little Drew Barrymore? Adorable. THAT finger. Not so adorable.

6. Casper
This was actually on TV the other night. Very cute, sometimes spooky and when innocent Christina was still… innocent. The 3 funny uncle ghosts and their naughty tactics and little Casper who becomes another teen crush.

7. Camp Nowhere
I bet you not too many of you remember this movie? Another non-classic but one of my favorites. I used to think that the idea of going to Camp was such fun – I am from South Africa where we don’t go to Camp. Ever. And a camp where you can do whatever you want? Amazing! And Andrew Keegan, a naughty boy that was good eye candy.

What were your favorites “back in the day”?


  1. i need to re-see Camp Nowhere. That Andrew Keegan was a dreamboat back in the day. But I really miss that movie, Now and Then with all those young girls and older ones. Please tell me you know what I am talking about!

  2. I was OBSESSED and I mean OBSESSED with JTT!! Yes, I referred to him as JTT there is no other way!! I had all his posters on my walls! Love your blog! New follower!

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