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06 February 2013|

Dear MC…

I guess when they say absence makes the heart grow fonder, they were telling the truth.
I miss you so much when you aren’t with me, even when you are just at the office, gym or even just the shop. I think about you all the time and every second of the day, I want to tell you something – how delicious my meal is, something SJ did, the way my neck aches, my horrible nightmare or just that you are so wonderful. You are my best friend and this is why I feel the need to tell you EVERYTHING. Sorry, I know guys aren’t always the best to vent to or to tell the most boring and mundane or random things. But I do anyway. And you listen. Sometimes you just hear but sometimes you really do listen. Thank you for listening to my ramblings on.

You have made me proud this week. You always make me proud – you can handle any situation or any person that is thrown at you (haha,  just had a vision of someone being thrown at you – only you get this dry sense of humor of mine!) You are strong and confident and you address people and situations in the correct way. This is a seriously admirable trait, once that not many people possess. But this week, you made me proud for a different reason. You have worked so hard on your latest marketing campaign – marketing was supposed to be my game by the way, it is now quite evidently very much your game – and your marketing strategies, ideas and material are nothing short of brilliant!

You literally blew me away.
I am so proud.
Well done my love.

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