SJ – 9 months

24 January 2013|

Month 9:

Weight: 8,8kgs
Height: 71,5cm
Clothing size: All 6-12 month clothing and some 12-18 month pants – growing by the day!
Diaper size: Size 4

Feeding: 7am – cereal and prune and yoghurt, 10am – bottle and sandwich, 12.30 – mixed veg (butternut, carrot, potato, sweet potato, marrow and green beans), protein (chicken, beef or lamb) and starch (rice and pasta), 3pm – bottle and a biscuit, fruit and 6pm – veg mix, cereal and bottle. Still loving her solids and enjoying finger foods before each meal – fruit, sticks of veg and meats).
Sleep: Still a little angel sleeper – sleeping well during the day and through the night!! We are so blessed at how our little princess loves to sleep (definitely just like her mama!) Your day sleeps are entertaining as you play around and stand in your cot before falling asleep..
Milestones: SJ has finally started crawling and nothing can stop her! She is also pulling herself up on to things and standing. She is also very vocal with plenty of singing, as well as little word sounds (dada, nana, mama, baba)
Loves: Swimming – she is definitely an outdoors and water baby. It’s her best! We start swimming lessons this month too. 
Dislikes: Being restricted – now that she can move, she wants to go! She is also quite clingy so wants to be with people all the time.
Adventures: SJ spent a lot of time with granny as mom and dad were traveling – both Nana and SJ are in their element together! Also a lot of water time as it is so hot!
Mommy and Daddy could not get through the month without: The Apple Baby Monitor – mom and dad were traveling a lot this month – and it is such a blessing to be able to log into the app on our phones, from anywhere in the world and be able to see you. So difficult being apart.
*Monthly pictures taken by the beautiful and talented, Bron Fourie from Vanilla Photography


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