SJ – 8 months

24 January 2013|

Month 8: (a little late…)

Weight: 8,6kgs

Height: 69cm

Clothing size: All 6-12 month clothing and some 12-18 month pants (I blame the belly!)

Diaper size: Size 4

Feeding: 7am – cereal and prune and yoghurt, 10am – bottle and sandwich, 12.30 – mixed veg (butternut, carrot, potato, sweet potato, marrow and green beans), protein (chicken, beef or lamb) and starch (rice and pasta), 3pm – bottle and a biscuit, fruit and 6pm – veg mix, cereal and bottle. Still loving her solids.

Sleep: Still a little angel sleeper – sleeping well during the day and through the night!! We are so blessed at how our little princess loves to sleep (definitely just like her mama!) Your day sleeps are entertaining as you play around your cot before falling asleep..

Milestones: SJ is standing when supported, waving and clapping, picking up small objects (including pieces of food) and “calls” when in another room. Desperately trying to crawl but managing to move backwards and rocking on all fours.

Loves: Music, songs and instruments – instant smile on your face, playing peek a boo with daddy, mommy chasing you down the stairs and when mom wears a towel on her head to dry it – sends you into fits of giggles.

Dislikes: Warm food/solids when teething. The little baba then just wants a bottle…

Adventures: We spent 2 weeks away in the Drakensberg mountains with special family and friends for Christmas and New Year. You loved being outdoors in the fresh air and loved swimming in your baby pool and the big pool with mommy and daddy. You were spoilt rotten for Christmas and love playing with your toys! A great family holiday.

Mommy and Daddy could not get through the month without: Doreen – our post natal nurse. She really is our “baby whisperer”. She is available 2 hours a day to help us with anything and everything. She led us through our antenatal classes, gives SJ her injections and has guided us through being parents, breastfeeding, weaning and all milestones. Such a blessing in our lives.

*Monthly pictures taken by the beautiful and talented, Bron Fourie from Vanilla Photography


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