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25 January 2013|

Dear 2013… Are you really going to fly by this fast? I can’t believe it is almost February?!

Dear SJ… What is the fascination with stairs? You have to leave them alone until you climb sweet child. I really don’t want blood and stitches just yet, we have plenty time for that. I hope you start liking your swimming lessons soon – it’s not the water, it’s the teacher. You will get to know who soon…

Dear Dentist… I normally don’t mind you but today my teeth are sore and sensitive. Not cool.

Dear Load Shedding… I heard you got Somerset Park last night. Please don’t visit us too. I don’t think you realize that it is 35′ at night and I absolutely CANNOT sleep without the aircon.

Dear iPhone 5… Welcome to the family. You don’t seem to be much different from the 4S – just thinner and longer?

Dear Bank Account… Bangkok got the better of you. I have welcomed the 25th with open arms.

Dear Bad Mood… Please go away!



  1. SJ sounds like she's becoming quite the mischievous little one! HOW FUN!! Stairs however are not so fun. Good luck keeping her away from them!
    I hope your bad mood fades away- you're far too gorgeous to let a bad mood creep in 🙂 Chin up, pretty girl!

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