Bangkok – Part 2

25 January 2013| ,

DAY #3

Alarm goes off at 8am – an hour to shower, pack for the day and grab a bite before we head off on our day trip to the island of Koh Larn. A speed boat whisks us off into the big blue sea and stops at a jetty just off the shore. We hop off and are quickly strapped up to wait in line to parasail. Our turn comes round and in perfect sequence, people are taken off and strapped into the harness like a perfectly moving conveyor belt. Up we go, metres and metres into the sky and as the driver slows down, we dip into the cool ocean and straight back up again… My drive looks like he has a slight technical error as I hover in the air for a few minutes too long before a safe landing back on the (and a very unflattering professional photo) A short wait on our speedboat for the other tourists leaves us feeling quite ill but in no time, we arrive in paradise…
Strapped and ready to go…

Up, up and away…

Sparkling turquoise water, small rolling waves, sandy white beaches and prawns and coconut cocktails for sale – a beautiful sight and exciting day on the island awaits! We pull up a deck chair, tie on the bikinis and soak up the scorching sun. 
Koh Larn island

The other side of the island

Soaking up the sun in clear blue water

Catching some rays on the speed boat
Our free lunch is served and after dry heaving at the sight of dodgy fried fish, heavily battered tempura, cabbage salad, pork soup and fried rice (only edible thing), we move on to a more respectable looking restaurant for some yummy prawns.
Yuk!! Worst lunch ever!

A few more hours in the sun and some frolicking in the waves and we are back on the speedboat with paradise island becoming a distant but beautiful memory… What’s a long day without a Thai foot massage? Got to have one!
A social media update – what is a holiday without Instagram pics and status updates (not to make anyone jealous!) and quick shower before hitting “Walking Street” – the Pattaya version of the Red Light District. Lucky for us, the seedy night life is hidden behind closed doors so we could enjoy a normal meal on the strip – another delicious Thai curry… But a walk along the strip opens our eyes to all the waiting women (you know what they are waiting for), the go-go clubs (go-go = strip), the boy/girls that really look like girls but are really boys, the European – Thai relationships – dodgy old men looking for young sexy woman and desperate Thai woman trying to flee their unfortunate lives… And of course, the infamous ping pong shows!!
About to head down Walking Street

I don’t consider myself seedy and I don’t condone or agree with this lifestyle but I do feel that some things are part of the experience… And a ping pong show is a huge eye opener but sad at the same time. You have to feel for these girls – all trying to make some money but also so acceptable in their country – it’s not illegal and the police are patrolling right outside. I won’t give you the ins and outs but let your imagination run wild with razor blades, opening and emptying bottles, smoking cigarettes and darting balloons…

As we head back to catch our taxi, Rox convinces me that sitting with our feet in a fish tank of little aggressive fishies is a good idea. Oh good golly, worst idea ever!! These little buggers bite away at your feet and it is the weirdest and most ticklish sensation ever… 
Does my face not speak 1000 words?! 

Too much for one night and a good nights sleep is in order.


  1. This just makes me want to pack my bags and go back. I love Thailand. Oh, and that food you were squeamish about? I probably would have polished it.

    Looks like you had such a great time Caley! PS: I only ate seafood pizza while there (not risking eating cat or dog) and the last four days I got so tired of that, that I only ate toasted cheese sandwiches. Had to explain to them how to make it. And they don't have Savannah. Biggest disappointment of my whole trip.

    Can't believe you actually watched a ping pong show! We steered clear of those. Did end up in a gogo bar though. I'm really curious about the razorblades!

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