Bangkok – Part 1

24 January 2013|

2 best friends
19 hours of flying
7 hours in 3 different airports
1 hour on the road
5 airline meals later…
Welcome to Bangkok – the city of
thousands of lights, foreign languages, interesting smells, loads of shopping
and no green grass!

We left Durban, South Africa at
7pm on Monday evening. Landed in Dubai at 5am on Tuesday morning. Spent 3 hours
in their airport lounge snacking, trying to warm up and checking up on duty
free shopping deals. We left Dubai at 9am and landed in Bangkok at 6pm on
Tuesday evening.
An interesting taxi drive to our
hotel – with a driver who spoke no English but told us his life story anyway,
to dodging scooter after scooter with speedy drivers with no helmets, too many
passengers and zero road rules, to driving past a number of shopping stalls
with great clothing at bargain prices and arriving at a jam packed hotel – the
tallest building in Bangkok – 84 storeys high!
Baiyoke Sky Hotel – tallest building in Bangkok
We dropped our luggage, headed to
the nearest Golden Arches (McDonald’s), chomped on a tasty cheeseburger and
fries, sneaked in a quick foot massage (unbelievable!!) and then back to the
hotel for a much needed shower and into bed!
What a day…
Can’t beat good old McDonalds for dinner
DAY #2
Nice little sleep in this
morning. Open the curtains to a very different looking city. Gone on the pretty
coloured lights in the darkness, today it is grey and smoggy over dirty
buildings and streets! The morning market is packed with people. We wonder how
much money is passed between hands each day?
Quick breakfast on the 77th
floor. View goes on for miles but the smog is restricting… Quite shocked at
the “buffet” breakfast on offer – sushi, dim sum, curries, noodles
and the usual fruit, cereal and some dodgy looking eggs! I play it safe with
toast and jam.
Pack our bags, check out and hop
into a taxi heading to Pattaya – coastal town.
Another power nap in the taxi and
arrive at Nova Hotel & Spa (don’t be fooled with the spa – the prices are
extreme so we stick to our back alley massages – with no happy endings!) Drop
off our bags, put the bikinis on and head to the beach. We soon learn our hotel
isn’t as close to the beach as we thought but its an interesting walk –
different smells, food carts, stray dogs and boy/girl prostitutes looking for
Welcome to Pattaya
View from our hotel room
We reach “the strip” of
restaurants, speeding scooters and the place we’ve come to see… The beach!
Hundreds of deck chairs line the narrow beach and we sit back to soak up the
sun, a few dips into the relatively warm ocean. The sound of jet skis fills the
air and we watch numerous parasails take off… Not so yummy snack of prawn
tempura (more tempura than prawn) leaves us starving and we sacrifice an hour
in the sun to fill our tummies.
Pattaya Main Beach

Coke and prawn tempura for lunch
As recommended by our hotel, we get dressed up for a boy/girl show at Tiffany’s – supposedly one of the best cabaret shows in the world. A show of glitz, glamour and serious dazzling awaits us… Oh and did I mention they are ALL boys/men?!
House of Tiffany’s Theatre

Us girls with them “boys”
In absolute awe and amazement, we take a walk down the strip, and we land up in
a dodgy little restaurant with poles and porn pics on the wall. So a quick
drink is downed and we head back to the hotel for some shut eye..
Quick night cap (please note all the poles in the background!)

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