Week in Pictures

13 November 2012|

1. President Obama is president of the USA again
2. A much needed full body massage to relieve massive muscle tension
3. Hair full of foils (quite a scary look!)
4. Hairdresser tea… the best!
5. Our new R50 note. Loving the new Mandela money.
6. SJ loves being on Gogo’s back (and new place to nap)
7. Flowers for SJ from her daddy
8. Flowers for me from my darling husband
9. One of my besties, Shan was the birthday girl this week
10. A birthday treat – neon pedi
11. Birthday cuddles from SJ
12. Birthday lunch with chocolate fondant and champers
13. Yummy roast for special friends and they become first time homeowners
14. SJ in her first cozzie and trip to the pool
15. Our new estate, Hawaan Forest
16. Building continues… even with endless days of rain
Hope you had a wonderful week


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