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18 November 2012|

Show & Tell: Thanksgiving Gobble Gobble

1. Tell us about your family traditions for Thanksgiving
Unfortunately, we do not celebrate Thanksgiving in South Africa as this is an American tradition and celebration.

2. Tell us about your favorite foods
After browsing through favorite blogs and Pinterest, my favorite Thanksgiving foods would be anything that makes up a roast dinner. There is nothing better than a homemade roast chicken or meat with roast potatoes and vegetables. Unfortunately, I do not like or eat turkey or pumpkin/pie.

3. Show us a picture that reminds you of this holiday

4. Tell us, do you wait to decorate for Christmas before or after Thanksgiving?
Thanksgiving is in November and we normally wait until around the 6th December before decorating for Christmas. So my answer would be after.

5. Tell us what you are thankful for this year
Even though we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, I am so grateful for many things this year. I am grateful for our Lord Jesus, my darling husband, my precious little healthy baby girl and our sweet family, our immediate family and closest friends, the roof over our heads and the food on our table, the opportunity to stay at home and be with our SJ, the incredible experience of building our dream home and lastly, every single breath I take.

What are you thankful for? Go and tell Becky too.


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