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16 November 2012|

Dear MC… Please come home now. I hate it when you go away on business and we miss you so much. SJ prefers supper time and bath time with her dada and I hate a cold, lonely bed with no cuddles.

Dear SJ… I have no idea what we did in our first lives but it was something so pure and good in order to deserve such a darling daughter like you. You are an angel and so well-behaved. Thank you precious girl for making being a mama so easy. (I just know round 2 ain’t going to be so easy!)

Dear Outside Run… Who knew that running on the road, in the blistering heat and against the wind could be so difficult? The treadmill makes it look and feel easy. I soon learnt my lesson.

Dear Sun… Please please come out to play?!

Dear Revenge… How is it possible that every episode gets more and more twisted but so thrilling and intriguing too!! Maybe a marathon is needed – a whole day, episode after episode.

Dear Friday Nights… How life has changed… Pj’s, heavy and tired eyes, healthy food to lose baby weight and TV series. As opposed to disco dancing, tequila shots, 5am home times and greasy petrol station food on the way home. For the better, me thinks.

Dear Crime… You aren’t so much fun. In fact you are extremely terrifying and you are making me slightly nervous. Please calm down and go away. Please. And thank you.

Dear Audi Gateway… Thank you for being efficient and making life easy for me this week. Courteous telephone calls, helpful staff, morning tea, offer of a breakfast muffin (politely declined), quick lift home, speedy service and the best part – all for free on our maintenance plan. And car is as good as new! (sneaky salesmen trying to sell me two new Audi’s too… nice try!)

Dear Eyelids… I cannot keep you open any longer. Goodnight world.


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